Quran learning apps are great tools to help people learn, understand, and appreciate the message of the Quran. They provide users with an interactive platform to learn the Quran, with various features such as audio recitations, translations, commentaries, and more. With a range of available apps, deciding which is best for you can be challenging. The best free apps to learn the Quran are:

  1. Quran Learning App.
  2. Quran Majeed.
  3. Quran Academy.
  4. Quranic.
  5. Ayat.
  6. Learn Quran by iQra.
  7. Quran Memorizer.
  8. Learn Quran with Tajweed.
  9. Quran Learning for Kids.
  10. Quran-E-Kareem.

Best Free Apps to Learn Quran

Quran Learning App features:

  1. Comprehensive Database: The Quran Learning App should have access to an extensive database of Islamic teachings, including the Quran, Hadith, and other relevant texts. This will allow users to look up passages and better understand the material quickly.
  2. Audio Recitation: Audio recitations of the Quran should be available in the app so that users can listen to the recitations and get the whole experience of the material.
  3. Translation: The app should have multiple language translations available so that users can understand the material in their native language.
  4. Commentaries: The app should have access to papers from Islamic scholars so that users can better understand the material.
  5. Memorization Tools: The app should have tools to help users memorize passages from the Quran. This could include quizzes, flashcards, and other interactive activities.
  6. Bookmarking: The app should allow users to bookmark passages so that they can quickly look them up in the future.
  7. Notifications: The app should be able to send users information, reminding them to read and study the Quran regularly.


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Quran Majeed Learning App feature :

  1. Quran Majeed Learning App is designed to make it easy for users to learn and understand the Quran. It provides an interactive learning experience, with audio and visual aids, along with translations and commentaries.
  2. The app includes the full Arabic text of the Quran with audio recitation for each verse, along with English translations, transliterations, and commentaries from well-known scholars.
  3. The app includes interactive quizzes and tests to help users memorize and understand the text better.
  4. The app also includes a notes section where users can save notes for future reference.
  5. The app also includes a discussion forum where users can ask questions and engage in discussions with other users.
  6. The app also includes a dashboard, which provides users with an overview of their progress in learning the Quran.

Quran Academy App features :

  1. Quran Recitation: Quran Academy App provides Quran recitation from the renowned Qaris of the world. It includes recitations from Sheikh Sudais, Sheikh Shuraim, Sheikh Basfar, and many more.
  2. Audio/Video Lectures: Quran Academy App provides audio/video lectures from renowned scholars with topics ranging from Tafseer to Quran Memorization.
  3. Daily Reminders: Quran Academy App provides daily reminders to help users stay on track with their Quran learning goals.
  4. Exams: Quran Academy App provides quizzes and exams to help users test their knowledge.
  5. Language Support: Quran Academy App supports multiple languages like Arabic, English, Urdu, etc.
  6. Bookmarking and Note-Taking: Quran Academy App also provides bookmarking and note-taking features to help users keep track of their progress and notes.
  7. Social Integration: Quran Academy App integrates with social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, so that users can share their progress with their friends.
  8. User Dashboard: Quran Academy App provides a dashboard showing the user’s progress, completion rate, and other details.

Quranic App features :

  1. Advanced Search: The Quranic App offers an advanced search feature that allows users to search for specific words or phrases within the Quran. This feature is helpful for quickly finding particular verses or passages.
  2. Audio Recitation: The Quranic App offers an audio recitation of the Quran from multiple reciters. This feature is excellent for listening to the Quran in its original Arabic form or learning the proper pronunciation of words.
  3. Translations: The Quranic App includes multiple translations of the Quran in various languages, making it easier to understand the text.
  4. Notes & Bookmarks: The Quranic App allows users to save notes and bookmarks to access their favorite verses or passages quickly.
  5. Memorization & Quiz: The Quranic App offers a feature that allows users to memorize verses and passages. It also includes a quiz feature to test knowledge of the Quran.
  6. Daily Notifications: The Quranic App sends out daily notifications to remind users to read the Quran and to stay connected to its teachings.
  7. Social Sharing: The Quranic App includes a feature that allows users to share verses and passages with their friends and family.

Best Free Apps to Learn Quran

Ayat App features

Ayat App provides a comprehensive collection of Quranic verses, Hadiths, and Duas for Muslims.

The main features of the Ayat App include:

  • Quran: Read the Quran in multiple translations, including the original Arabic, in an easy and intuitive interface.
  • Hadith: Browse the hadith collections of Imam Bukhari and Muslims.
  • Dua: Access a wealth of duas for various occasions, including morning and evening prayers, supplications for health and safety, and more.
  • Bookmarks: Save your favorite ayahs and hadiths for later reference.
  • Search: Quickly find specific verses, hadiths, and duas using keywords.
  • Audio: Listen to recitations of the Quran and hadiths in multiple languages.
  • Notes: Take notes on any ayah or hadith to better understand its meaning.
  • Daily Reminders: Get reminders to read a specific ayah or hadith throughout the day.
  • Transliteration: Read the Quran in transliteration, making it easier to pronounce.
  • Font Size: Change the font size to make it easier to read.
  • Night Mode: Switch to night mode to reduce the strain on your eyes.
  • Share: Share ayahs, hadiths, and duas with friends and family.
  • Notifications: Receive notifications about special offers and new content.

 iQra App features :

Comprehensive Database: iQRA app provides access to a comprehensive database of Quran and Hadith resources. It includes a wide range of topics and translations from well-known scholars.

Audio Recitation: The app provides audio recitations of the Quran from renowned reciters such as Sheikh Shuraim, Sheikh Sudais, and more. It also includes enhanced audio playback options with speed and pitch control.

Quran Search: The app provides a powerful Quran search feature to quickly find words or phrases in the Quran. It supports multiple search criteria such as root words, related words, and language.

Quran Bookmarks: iQRA app allows users to bookmark favorite verses or chapters for quick reference. It also allows users to add notes and tags to bookmarks for further categorization.

Quran Quizzes: iQRA app includes a range of quizzes and tests to help users learn and memorize Quran verses. It also provides feedback and scores to track user progress.

Prayer Reminders: iQRA app provides customizable prayer reminders to help users stay on top of their daily prayers. It also includes prayer times based on location.

Community Support: iQRA app provides a community forum to ask questions and share experiences with other users. It also allows users to join or create groups to discuss specific topics.

Quran Memorizer App Features :

  1. Quran Memorizer App is an interactive educational app that helps Muslims memorize the Quran.
  2. It contains the full text of the Quran in Arabic, English, and other languages.
  3. It has an audio recitation of the Quran in multiple languages.
  4. It has a feature to bookmark favorite sections for easy access.
  5. It includes quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding of the Quran.
  6. It has an interactive dashboard where users can track their memorization progress.
  7. It has an auto-suggestion feature to help pick out verses to memorize.
  8. It allows users to set reminders to keep up with their memorization goals.
  9. It motivates users with an inspirational verse of the day.
  10. It has a comprehensive search feature that helps users find the verse they are looking for.

Learn Quran with Tajweed App features:

  1. Interactive Lessons: The application offers interactive lessons on Quran recitation with Tajweed using audio, visuals, and quizzes. It also provides an interactive platform for users to practice and improve their recitation skills.
  2. Learn by Reciting: This feature allows users to recite and listen to the Quran with proper Tajweed rules. It also enables users to learn the correct pronunciation and intonation of the words.
  3. Memorization: The application includes a Memorization feature that helps users memorize the Quran’s words and verses. It also contains multiple memorization techniques to help users quickly learn the Quran.
  4. Bookmarking: This feature allows users to save their progress in the Quran recitation and bookmark essential verses.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: The application has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use and understand.
  6. Customization Options: The application offers customization options to personalize the user experience. It also includes options to customize the font size, background, and text color.
  7. Adaptive Learning: The application adapts the lessons according to the user’s learning level and provides content accordingly.
  8. Assessments: The application also includes reviews to check the user’s progress and evaluate their understanding of the Quran.

Quran Learning for Kids App features:

  1. Easy-to-use Interface: The Quran Learning for Kids App has a simple and user-friendly interface to ensure that children of all ages can use the app easily.
  2. Fun Learning Activities: The app includes fun learning activities such as quizzes, puzzles, and games to make learning the Quran more engaging for kids.
  3. Comprehensive Lessons: The app provides complete lessons on the correct pronunciation and meaning of the Quran’s verses.
  4. Day and Night Modes: The app has both day and night modes to ensure that kids can use the app in any lighting condition.
  5. Audio and Video Clips: The app includes audio and video clips to ensure that kids can understand the pronunciation and meaning of the Quran’s verses.
  6. Progress Tracking: The app also includes a tracking system to help kids track their learning progress and stay motivated.
  7. Parental Control: The app has a robust parental control system to ensure that parents can monitor their children’s learning progress and set limits on their usage.

Quran-E-Kareem App features :

  1. Effortless Reading: The Quran-E-Kareem App provides an easy and convenient way to read the Quran. It has a user-friendly interface, which allows users to navigate through the text quickly.
  2. Audio Recitation: The app allows users to listen to the audio recitation of the Quran by renowned reciters in both Arabic and English.
  3. Translations: The app includes translations of the Quran in multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, and Urdu.
  4. Bookmarking: Users can easily bookmark their favorite verses of the Quran for easy access.
  5. Search: The app allows users to search for specific words or phrases within the Quran.
  6. Notes: Users can add notes to their favorite verses of the Quran.
  7. Sharing: The app allows users to easily share verses of the Quran with friends and family via social media.


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