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Quran Reading Course


This course is the first step towards Quran recitation intended for beginners whether kids or adults who have no previous knowledge on how to read Quran or Arabic. We took it upon ourselves to enable students who do not know Arabic to learn the letters first and then the basic signs of diacritics and how to spell the word and add it to before and after so that the student can read the verses properly.

The purpose of this course is to lay the foundation for students to read Arabic (the Quranic language) and to familiarize them with the basic rules for recitation of the Quran.

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Course Overview

Learn the Quran online with this all-encompassing Quran Learning Course that will guide you to perfecting your Tajweed, recitation, developing your Quran reading skills, and working on your memorization of the Quran.


This is a formal course, with instructions planned. The teacher must assist the student in achieving desired target during the allotted time span. The student ‘s progress will be tracked and the academy will make sure the student completes the course on time insha-Allah.

It is the most basic level course and students do not have any knowledge of Arabic to enter it course. No experience of Arabic alphabets is going to be a plus point for the student though. Students are expected to attend lessons and comply with the instructor on time. In the case of students, parents are expected to inspire and track the student’s attitude, alertness and actions during lesson. Student is required to periodically send feedback about the course to the academy as well as to the instructor.

Moreover, you will be able to read Arabic supplications. In addition, you will learn the characteristics of the Holy Quran writing, which slightly differs from the ordinary Arabic writing.

Course Includes

What will you learn?

Level 1

By using the zoom whiteboard and noor al bayan book or noorani qaida book, You will learn the Arabic letters, how to write and read it, you will memorize all of the Arabic letters, and  you will be able to recognize the 28 Arabic letters with arrange from letter Alif to letter yaa, or without arrange.

You will learn how to write the Arabic alphabet, the teacher will ask the student to print paper and pen to write and draw every letter with him.

You will learn the right way of pronouncing every letter like our Native Arabic teachers. Some students and parents think that they know how to pronounce the Arabic letters without mistakes, but  when they start classes with our teachers, they find themselves pronouncing lot of mistaken letters.

the teacher can’t skip that first step till he makes sure 100% that the student knows all the things above without any mistakes. He will make sure of that by making an exam before every class about the previous letters they took, and after finishing all the letters he will make an exam about all the Arabic letters.

Level 2

You will learn the heavy and light letters; we have some light letters in Arabic it has sound, and we have full mouth letters, which called heavy letters, it has other sounds, we will explain them in details in the Tajweed courses.

Level 3

 You will learn The shapes of the Arabic letters in the beginning, middle, and at end of the word.

The teacher will start to explain to the student that Arabic letters have different shapes, every Arabic letter has 2 or 3 or 4 different shapes, not like English letters which have one shape.

For example, the letter taa in the middle of the word has a different shape than if it is at the beginning or at the end of the term; all the Arabic letters are the same thing.

Level 4

You will learn Harakat  Arabic, “short vowels”, the teacher will start to explain that we have Arabic short vowels like English with a small differences in English, we have short vowels (i,e,u,y,o,a), and in Arabic, we have 3 short vowels which are Fatha, kasrah, and Dammah.

Then the teacher will start to explain the fatha sound and how to make the student recognize it.

The student will learn the difference between the sound of the letters with fatha and without.

Then the student now is ready to mix 2 or 3 letters in the fatha sound to become a word; his teacher will explain to him how we read and mix the letters to make the words.

After that, the student will read with his teacher more than 200 words in fatha and some small sentences in fatha sounds.

After the Teacher makes sure that the student can read words and sentences in fatha without mistakes, he will start  to explain to him.

Same thing for kasrah and dammah, You will also learn sukoon in Arabic and how to make the sukun sound in Arabic and Quran words.

After that, the students will be able to read any short vowel Arabic words or sentence in the Arabic language if it has fatha, kasrah, and dammah or mixing between them in one word or sentence.

Level 5

You will learn in that step Arabic long vowels and the difference between Arabic long and short vowels, with many examples.

We have 3 long vowels in Arabic, which are ( Letter alif, Letter waw, Letter yaa)

The teacher will explain how we pronounce it like native Arabic speakers with examples, the student will read many examples till the teacher make sure that he got it 100 %

Level 6

You will learn what is  tanween and how we pronounce it with examples

How the native Arabic people pronounce it.

Then you will learn the last lesson, called shaddah, how we pronounce it with examples from the Holy Quran.

Now you are ready to start your journey with the Quran to paradise

Ready to start recitation classes with your teacher

Ready to start tajweed lessons

and also ready to memorize the Holy Quran with your teacher ….

Who is this course for?

  • This course is for beginners, kids or adults, male or female, for zero-level students who don’t know anything about Arabic and Quran reading.
  • For anyone who wants to start learning how to read Quran from Arabic Quran script easily, like native Arabic speakers
  • Also, for anyone who struggles in reading the Holy Quran
  • For anyone who wants to read the Quran like our beloved Quran reciters.

FAQs about the course

What is the accepted age for the Quran Reading course?

We accept students from 4 years old.

How long will it take to finish that course?

It depends on how many classes per month, the student’s age, and his mentality. But the average period is from 3 to 8 months.

Can my kid, who is 4 years old, take his class alone without sitting with him ?

We prefer his mom or his father to sit with the kid from age 4 to 6 years old, in the first month only, because some students are shy and need support from their parents during the class.

How can I help my kid learn the Quran reading fast?

  • He should take at least 4 days per week,
  • The teacher will give the kid some homework you can help your kid to do his homework with him every class
  • Promise him to give him a present if he finishes the course

Can I start a memorization course first if I Am a beginner and can’t read from mushaf?

 It will be very hard because memorization needs first to learn how to recite Quran then memorization will be super easy inshallah.

What is Noorani Qaida?

Qaeda al noorania is a book helping students to learn Quran reading in an easy way with their teacher after complete it they will be able to read from the holy Quran.

What’s Ahsan ul Qawaid Book?

It’s a book like Noorani Qaeda the teacher may use it in some classes.

Quran Reading Course Features

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